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Tizra Work

All my publications can now be found online via a Tizra AgilePDF powered site. Check out the new publications site. Let me know what you think.

This publications site took a couple of hours to create/including uploading files and tweaking table of contents using AgilePDF. It includes page-at-a-time content delivery (see just one page), full table of contents display (automatically extracted from PDF and/or manually tweaked, see one table of contents), access control (which for this site I disabled via admin web interface), ecommerce (connected to several possible fulfillers, e.g. PayPal, Authorize.Net), full text search with search results to the relevant pages with search terms highlighting, fully configurable web page design via web interface. I can easily create collections (sub-sites) within my site (see Design Patterns Collection), I can recombine any pages I want into new documents, all of which I can sell independently or grouped together via meta data filtering with other documents. I am not selling any of this content, but if I so wanted to, I could be selling my content right now with the couple of hours investment I already put in. ;-)

And did I say that putting this publication site together required zero development skills ? All interactions to create the site are via an admin web interface, all site parameters are configurable without having to go "down to the metal"...Interested ? Ask me about it.

And you no longer need to take my word for it... you can go and try it yourself via our free offering. Start here.

Open-Source Projects

I have been putting my personal projects as open-source at Source Forge. These are projects born out of specific software process needs and out of curiosity to play with some aspects of specific technologies. Projects include:

Bumping my Head on the Wall

My personal blog, Bumping my Head on the Wall my thoughs on tools, technologies, processes, books that have helped me in my activities often found as part of "bumping my head on the wall".

January, 2009
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